Monday, December 16, 2013

Nepalese Findings

Just got back from a short trip to Kathmandu, Nepal.  My India visa requires me to leave the country every 180 days.  I think it is just so they can keep tabs on my where abouts and not have me just disappear into the Indian landscape.  It gives me a chance to take a mini vacation from work, to explore new places and pick up new and unique treasures to use in our work here at Mahima Creations.

In the very famous Durbar Square, in the heart of Kathmandu, is one of the busiest, most amazing shopping bazars ever!  My only complaint was, it was hard to take in all the cool shops and stuff for sale while manoeuvring through the very narrow streets filled with cars, motorcycles, rickshaws, loose bricks, pot holes and mud!!

I did manage to pick up some beautiful, natural wool for knitting - something I haven't found in Vrindavan, although I'm sure it could be found in Delhi.

And also some neat jewellery findings - unique turquoise and silver pendents.  One was a shell pendent that I can't wait to use when the creative mood hits me.

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