Monday, November 4, 2013

New Location!! much has been going on with Mahima Creations!!!

First, I went back to the USA in early spring expecting to stay for at least three months or more; I brought back all the items for sale in the shop so I could ship from California.  My sojourn was cut short and within the month I was heading back to India to cover a staff shortage at our facility in Vrindavan.  Someone had to be there to love on our widows who are working to bring you such neat and unique products.

In the process of this hurried move back, so many items from the shop were "lost", "misplaced" or just "disappeared" by the time I made it back to Vrindavan.  This was so unfortunate and I sincerely apologize for anybody who was affect by this.  It took me awhile, but I think everything has been straightened out without to much disappoint on our valued customers.

Then, after about a month in Vrindavan, Mahima Creations moved location to a new house, in the original Vrindavan, on the inside of the great Parikrama Marg. We moved in the last week of August into the sweetest little bungalow with gardens and a great work room, so comfortable for the widows!  We are just starting to re-stock our shop which has been a little idle.

Thank you are for your patience and support, and keep an eye out for new items to be added to our store in support of the widows of Vrindavan!! 

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